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Our Team

Curious to know about AltVibes? The AltVibes team is a blend of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and industry experts who are passionate about enhancing consumer lifestyle experiences. Our members bring over 30 years of in-depth experience in global glassware and kitchenware brands. Among the many things that unite us, one key aspect is the drive to improve people’s lifestyles. Transitioning from barely consuming to cherishing everyday products, we aim to create everlasting memories. At AltVibes, we are dedicated to providing high-quality home products that will enhance your everyday experiences. And so, we are proud of the team that works on AltVibes everyday and makes this business what it is. They relentlessly pursue the highest standards of product quality, customer service, and everything else in the middle. 

The Board:

The Team Members:

  • E-Commerce Manager: Bhawan Singh
    Bhawan, as an ecommerce manager, orchestrates the strategic direction and daily operations of online sales. An integral part of the AltVibes team, he is guided by sales data and market trends and oversees product selection, pricing strategies, and inventory management. He crafts and executes marketing campaigns across various digital channels to drive traffic and conversions. Bhawan nurtures customer relationships through personalized initiatives and feedback mechanisms. Bhawan's commitment to continuous improvement drives innovation and growth in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

  • Customer Success Manager: Trishla
    Trishla starts her day by reviewing customer inquiries and feedback. She ensures timely responses to customer queries, resolving any issues or concerns they may have. Trishla collaborates with the sales and marketing teams to identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling products to existing customers. Trishla conducts regular check-ins with key accounts to assess satisfaction levels and gather feedback for product improvement. Trishla's ultimate goal is to foster strong relationships with customers, driving retention and loyalty to AltVibes e-commerce.

  • Operations Manager: Noopur Purabiya
    Noopur orchestrates the seamless execution of daily operations at AltVibes. She oversees inventory management, ensuring optimal stock levels to meet customer demand. Noopur liaises with suppliers to maintain efficient supply chains and negotiates favorable terms to minimize costs. She streamlines internal processes to enhance productivity and minimize bottlenecks across departments. Noopur monitors order fulfillment to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction. She analyzes operational data to identify areas for improvement and implements strategies to enhance efficiency. 


AltVibes endeavors to transform this world into a culture-rich society with our unique range of products and services. We don't just curate products, we curate experiences that are sure to find a special place in your homes and your hearts.


We aim to design exquisite experiences and celebrate our expertise with our consumers to contribute in a significant way to their lifestyle. We wish to redirect the people to develop a passion for incorporating exclusive experiences in their day to day living. Enriching our consumer’s lifestyle with class, elegance, and health is at the pinnacle.

Amitabh Airi


Tomoyshi Kobori


Shivani Airi

Chief Strategist

Malika Jain

Business Operations Head

Saori Kobori

E-Commerce & Partnerships Head

Stuti Airi

Head of Communications