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Amitabh Airi


Mr. Amitabh Airi together with Mr. Tomo started Dozo Services and its online division –AltVibes, an e-commerce portal with a curated portfolio of brands that offer a variety of barware, kitchenware and tea/coffee-ware. A veteran in the Indian houseware product industry, Amitabh has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, distribution, and expansion of international brands seeking to enter the Indian market.At AltVibes, Amitabh leads the business through his expertise in sales and liasoning - bringing in new partners for collaboration and expansion of the business. He has collaborated with the top international brands to provide a broad range of product options to the Indian consumers. He aims to create AltVibes as a platform that offers an experience-filled at-home lifestyle at great pricing.Amitabh started his professional journey with FMCG companies like Godrej ,Godfrey Phillips and then joined Yera Glass (Alembic Group), the only established glassware company in India before 1999. He gradually progressed to being the sole Indian representative for many international companies entering India. Working with prominent companies including Nachtmann and Spiegelau (Riedel), he successfully multiplied the sales of these brands in India by almost 20X in the last 10 years. He developed cross promotional strategies with the world’s largest liquor companies like Pernod Ricard, Baccardi, Diegeo and also organized informational beer/wine tasting sessions with micro-breweries/wineries to promote the education that enables the fine drinking experience. Having previously worked with the likes of ECD and Luminarc, he developed robust marketing plans for sales, brand promotions and marketing strategies.While travelling around the world he gained a global experience about the diverse drinking cultures which deepened his passion for bringing those experiences back home. He acquired information about drinking wine & whisky from the right kind of glassware which he endeavours to educate the Indian consumer with. His vision behind AltVibes was to create a platform that educates and directs the consumers to spend on products and experiences that enhance their way of living.