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Shivani Airi

Chief Strategist

Shivani leads AltVibes as the Chief Strategist, streamlining the brand’s communication, marketing, and growth initiatives. Shivani completed her MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship from Imperial College Business School, London in 2018.With over 7 years of experience in establishing brand identities from the ground up, Shivani brings indispensable brand positioning, growth and marketing expertise to AltVibes.An inquisitive spirit coupled with an entrepreneur’s mind, Shivani builds a unique personality for AltVibes while ensuring brand consistency and engagement across channels.At AltVibes, Shivani’s major responsibilities include the formulation of business development strategies from crafting brand guidelines to pitching proposals. Also, she applies her marketing and strategy creation skills to help many start-ups with customer & client acquisition & retention, business growth and expansion, marketing strategies, etc. Shivani also plays a crucial role in building AltVibes’ internal culture and operational frameworks, being very familiar with the challenges and requirements of small businesses/ start-up companies.Shivani had donned many hats in fields of client servicing (for brands like BMW, MINI India, Samsung, Zippo, Dolby Digital, FDCI, Micromax, HSIL, etc), community management (taking the creator community of Poplar Studio from 0 to almost 800 AR creators), growth marketing bringing in business and customers for various start-ups she has founded or consulted), brand development and management, campaign creation, and much more.While she has worked for diverse brands from BMW to Micromax, Shivani’s interest in lifestyle products intensified during 2015 when she co-founded Quencher’s Bench. It was a life-changing experience as she adorned multiple hats from that of an entrepreneur to a brand manager to a digital marketer and content developer.For the past 5 years, Shivani has been building upon her start-up domain expertise, fostering industry connections and honing her technical skills to be able to tackle all the challenges of a business that strives to succeed in the current digital era.A “keep learning and keep growing” motto is what boosts Shivani’s confidence as she conquers new territories with her legacy eCommerce business- AltVibes.