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Stuti Airi

Head of Communications

Presently leading the Content & Social Media division, Stuti Airi is instrumental in helping make AltVibes a great brand to interact with both externally and internally.With a deep interest in consumer behaviour and psychology, Stuti wants to learn what makes the customer tick using content and social media as a way of interacting with AltVibes’ customers. Stuti believes that social media and content are a strong way of establishing a meaningful relationship with the customer. Stuti’s experience in the human resources department of various companies like Fidelity and AirBnB has given her a keen insight into what goes into making a great workplace for employees as well as what makes for a company that gives joy to its customers.Stuti has pursued and completed her post-graduation in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Kingston University, London. Her inclination towards the millennial consumer behavior and its social impact helped her create a strong connect between the brand and its audience. With a deep fondness for learning and experiencing the varied types of coffee and coffee making techniques from around the world, she has been working with AltVibes since its inception. Her passion towards exploring various brand products in the market place helped her in gaining an insight about the requirements of the consumers. While analyzing the consumer trends, she formulated intriguing social media marketing plans and designed captivating graphics that aim to spread the brand name in the industry.While working meticulously towards enhancing the lifestyle of the customers, Stuti’s idea behind AltVibes is to create an experience-oriented e-commerce platform. She wishes to transform the people’s perception about how a tasteful lifestyle can be attained without burning a hole in their pockets. She urges to bring an elegant way of life for the customers at a smart price.