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Tomoyoshi Kobori is one of the two founders of AltVibes.Originally from Japan, Tomo’s entrepreneurial journey was universally destined to begin in India. It all started 10 years ago when Tomo first came to India. In his pursuit of promoting lifestyle products, Tomo has successfully established three dynamic organizations that facilitate brand development, marketing, and distribution of diverse product lines in the Indian marketplace.With AltVibes, Tomo trails his most treasured vision- to create an eCommerce ecosystem that fosters equal growth opportunities for Indian and global lifestyle brands.Tomo’s ventures aim to include not just established brands but also SMEs and small-scale manufacturers, artisans, and vendors of lifestyle products. Improving his society’s socio-economic conditions is the ambition that continues to fuel Tomo’s visionary projects.Tomo’s vision is crystal clear- to upgrade the customer lifestyle while fueling inclusive growth for his society. From artisans to vendors to global distribution chains, Tomo has worked with renowned Indian names to understand the ground realities of lifestyle products’ consumption in India.A philanthropist at heart, Tomo has almost disrupted the traditional, capitalist approach to eCommerce business by following a socially-conscious approach. It is worth noting Tomo has previously set-up many start-ups across the world in developing nations, and once they were profitable, Tomo hands over these businesses to a local from the country - moving on to establish another business in another developing nation. The credit for his intrinsic motivation goes to his academic years during which he explored several different cultures, markets, and audiences. Tomo noted a lack of equal opportunities, especially for local mom and pop shop businesses which lack the wherewithal to compete with established brands. He has since then dedicated his personal finances, time, and endless dedication towards building a business which supports and brings to limelight such businesses while continuing to keep in mind the desires and needs of the end consumer.Tomo applies his profound knowledge about consumer needs for lifestyle products including kitchenware, homeware, furniture, apparel, utilities, F&B, FMCG to build personalized eCommerce platforms.According to Tomo, his passion and deep-rooted industry connections led him to nail down what exactly consumers need for enjoying a healthier and richer lifestyle while continuously marketing products made by designers, artisans, craftsmen, any creators made in India or out of India.