How To Clean Hario's Cold Brew Pot in 3 Easy Steps
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How To Clean Hario’s Cold Brew Pot Easily

how to clean hario cold brew

During summers, there’s no better way to have coffee than with Hario’s Cold Brew or Mizudashi Pot. The sleek cold coffee brewer serves the smoothest and richest coffee in just three simple steps (learn how). However, after enjoying a delicious cup, you need to learn how to clean Hario’s cold brew pot. That’s to keep savoring real coffee flavors every morning.

Here’s a quick 3-step guide to cleaning Hario’s Cold Brew along with its usage instructions.

How to Clean Hario’s Cold Brew Pot

Cleaning the Hario Cold Brew (or Mizudashi) Pot is quite easy, thanks to all the detachable parts fitted into the brewer. All you need is to uncouple the three main parts, including the lid, filter, and bottle, and clean them separately.

Step 1: Empty the Brewer

Firstly, empty all the left-over coffee from the pot such that you are left only with coffee grind in the filter. Now, gently remove the lid and clean it with a soft sponge and mild soap.

Step 2: Wash/Dry the Cold Brew Filter

Hario Cold Brew’s simplified design makes filter cleaning easier and quicker. Just smoothly pull out the filter basket from the pot and discard all the coffee grind by-

1) Turning the filter upside down to shed coffee grind

2) Detaching the filter’s bottom cover to wash thoroughly

Here’s how-

hario cold brew bottle filter

You can easily clean the filter inside out with a soft sponge by removing the filter’s bottom. Also, you can apply light water pressure to clean and open the pores of the mesh.

Step 3: Gently Clean the Cold Brew Pot

Finally, it’s time to clean the glass cold brew pot. Remember, the pot is fragile, so use both hands to avoid slipping it while cleaning. Again, use a soft sponge and no hard, steel scrubs that may cause scratches or even cracks.

Also, avoid using any harsh chemicals or bleaches to soak the strainer, lid, or bottle. A mild soap is more than enough to clean the Hario cold brew bottle.

Quick Maintenance Tips for Hario Cold Brew Pot

  1. Cleaning blocked strainer holes
    When used for a long time, the strainer’s holes may get blocked with coffee oil. To clear the blockage, soak the strainer in boiling water (not over 120 degrees), followed by a gentle sponge rub.
  2. Handling the mesh
    While rinsing and washing the strainer, do not apply excessive force on the mesh, otherwise, you might end up with a misshaped filter.

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