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Riedel | Cornetto Confetti Decanter | Clear | 1200 ml | Crystal | Single Piece

SKU: 1977/13-2M
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Riedel Cornetto Confetti Decanter - Clear, 1200 ml, Crystal

Elevate your wine enjoyment with the Riedel Cornetto Confetti Decanter. Crafted from premium crystal, its slender design is tailored for both young and mature wines, ensuring optimal taste preservation.

Key Features:

  • Slender Design: Specifically crafted for decanting young wines and separating sediment from mature wines.
  • Premium Crystal: Fashioned from the highest-grade crystal glass, ensuring optimal clarity and brilliance.
  • Optimal Capacity: Designed to hold a single bottle of wine (1200 ml), making it perfect for personal use or entertaining.
  • Enhanced Wine Experience: Decanting effectively removes sediment, enhances flavor, and refines texture, resulting in a delightful sip.
  • Elegant and Functional: A sophisticated addition to any wine enthusiast's collection, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality.

Moreover, explore Riedel's extensive range of handblown decanters, meticulously designed to harmonize with any decor and budget. Discover the perfect complement to your wine enjoyment experience with Riedel's exquisite decanter collection.

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