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Bodum | Pour-Over Coffee Dripper and Double Wall Mug | 0.3L | Matisse

SKU: K11872-448SSA-Y21
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Delight your taste buds with the robust aroma and full-bodied, smooth taste of pour-over coffee, without the waste of a full pot! Brew quickly and easily with Bodum’s POUR OVER coffee dripper and double wall mug. This handy little gadget brews your favourite coffee in minutes – no need to wait for a full pot. Just use the reusable coffee filter cone, and you can pour your coffee directly into the double wall mug for no mess, no fuss, and maximum freshness! It’s perfect for the adventurer looking for convenience since both the dripper and mug are shatterproof and can be packed in your carry-on! Enjoy your favourite cup of pour-over coffee – anywhere, anytime!

  • The perfect way to brew a single cup of coffee sustainably.
  • Makes one cup (0.35l) of great-tasting coffee.
  • Features a reusable coffee filter cone made of stainless steel.
  • The double wall mug is made from durable plastic that won’t crack, break or discolour.
  • The coffee dripper and mug are dishwasher safe, so easy to clean.
  • The mug is microwave-safe.
  • Available in a range of colours to suit any kitchen style.
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