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Hario | Japan Hand Ground Coffee Mill Column | Grinder | Natural Wood

SKU: CM-502C
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Why Ground Coffee:
Did you know that instant coffee has been reported to sometimes contain bugs and cockroaches​ (Sprudge Coffee)? Opting for freshly ground coffee ensures a richer, fresher flavour while boasting better quality, and being free from potential contaminants and additives in pre-packaged options like instant coffee and Nespresso pods. Choose ground coffee for a superior and purer coffee experience.

About this Mill/Grinder:
The Hario Japan Hand Ground Coffee Mill CM-502C Column Grinder is a high-performance grinder designed to deliver an even, consistent grind for optimal flavour and aroma extraction. It features a durable ceramic conical burr that will stay sharp for years, and grind settings from fine to coarse for all kinds of brewing methods. The adjustable grind size is easy to adjust, and the large-capacity hopper holds up to 1.4 ounces of coffee beans. This grinder also has a handy rubber grip on the bottom for secure operation and easy storage. Enjoy fresh coffee at home with the Hario Japan Hand Ground Coffee Mill CM-502C Column Grinder.

About Coffee Mill/Grinders:
Transform your coffee brewing experience with Hario Coffee Mills/Grinders. These essential tools are a must-have for any coffee lover who seeks precision and consistency in every cup. Hario's expertly crafted coffee mills combine traditional techniques with modern design, resulting in an unparalleled grinding experience. Whether you prefer the convenience of a sleek hand-held manual grinder or the efficiency of an electric model, Hario offers a wide range of options to cater to your unique needs. With high-quality ceramic or stainless steel burrs, Hario grinders guarantee a uniform grind size, ensuring optimal flavour extraction. Their durable construction, user-friendly features, adjustable settings, and elegant design make them a reliable, versatile, and visually appealing addition to any kitchen.

About Hario:
Elevate your coffee-making ritual with the Hario Canister Coffee Mill. Experience the difference that precise, consistent grinding can make in unlocking your favourite coffee beans' rich, complex flavours. Trust in the innovation and quality of a brand committed to customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability since 1921.

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