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Range Server Red600 ml


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For Coffee: The Hario’s Range Server keeps your coffee’s freshness intact for a long time without reheating.

How To: Give yourself a 2X boost with Hario's double-wall stainless steel coffee sever. The vacuum insulated, double walls of this V60 Server extend the life of your hot brew, keeping it warm for up to 90 minutes. 

Features: The stainless steel server comes with an ideal 600 ml capacity to serve up to 4 cups of inches and design to fit the V60 dripper to enjoy the most delicious coffee every morning. The easy-to-pour-through lip has a stop tap to control your flow. The Heat Resistant Server is a vacuum-sealed thermal server that gives a modern, radiant appeal to your everyday coffee routine.

Dimensions: W161 x D127 x H142
Color: Red

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Rs. 4,500/-

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Material Metal + Plastic
Product Code VHS-60R
Brand Hario
Weight 480 g
  • 1. Once used, clean with a soft cloth, sponge, or brush. Do not use harsh, metallic pads as they can scratch or even crack the glass beakers.
  • 2. Avoid using steel brushes, hard cleaners, or polishing powders on glass or stainless steel surfaces.
  • 3. When the product is not being used for a long time, store it in a plastic bag after thoroughly drying it from inside.