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PowerGrip All-purpose Kitchen Scissors

Joseph Joseph

These multi-purpose kitchen scissors are packed with practical features, including an integrated thumb grip for two-handed use - Ideal when you need more power to cut through chicken bones, wooden skewers, or tough string. They have Japanese stainless-steel blades with a serrated edge for superior cutting, a handy blade notch for gripping items like flower stems, and an integrated herb stripper. The blades also separate for easy cleaning.

Rs. 1,350/-

Rs. 1,800/-

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Material Stainless Steel
Product Code 10302
Brand Joseph Joseph
Weight 150 g
  • 1. Carefully read the manual with every product to maintain, care for, and handle appropriately.
  • 2. Do not use harsh dish soaps or steel brushes for cleaning as it will cause scratches on kitchenware.
  • 3. Ceramic products should be cleaned with running water and air-dried.
  • 4. Stainless steel blades should be washed with normal dish soap and cleaned with a cotton rag thereafter.
  • 5. Avoid using bleach or cleaners containing chlorine on any parts of the product.