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OXO?s Reusable Lint Roller works in all directions to quickly refresh clothing without generating any waste. You'll find it easy to remove cat and dog hair from even cable knit sweaters, corduroy pants, tweed jackets and other garments that tend to trap fur. The thoughtfully designed case pulls open to reveal a lint brush and ergonomic handle. A pivoting brush head makes it easy to attack lint from any angle. Pushing the brush back into the case automatically cleans the brush and gets it ready for more swiping. Lint and fur from the brush collect in a chamber, away from the clean brush; just open the bottom cap to dispose of the lint.

The Reusable Lint Roller is an environmentally friendly way to get pet hair off clothing, because it uses no sticky plastic sheets, and will last far longer than any disposable lint roller. When closed, the Lint Roller takes up about as much space as a small sunglass case, making it perfect for on-the-go use. When you've finished removing pet hair, just slide the Roller back into its case. The closed Reusable Lint Roller does not expose the brush, so fur stays in, while purses, luggage and desk drawers stay clean. TIP: To open bottom cap to dispose of lint, squeeze case with one hand while pushing cap open with your thumb.

Features A better way to remove cat and dog hair Pivoting head works in all directions to collect lint and pet fur Case cleans brush with a simple dip Compact case is also a comfortable, easy-to-grasp handle Closed case keeps inside of purses and luggage clean.

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Material ABS/PP/Stainless Steel
Product Code
Brand OXO
Weight 110 g

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May 02 2023

Very helpful for those who have pets at home. A must-have.