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Cup Type 350 ml Hot & Cold Bottle


For Beverages: Refresh yourself on the go with your favorite beverages carried in Hot & Cold Bottle by Thermos.

How To: Carry your refreshments- from green tea to cold coffee- without any spillage in this Hot & Cold Bottle. The compact design topped with a cap that doubles a drinking cup makes it convenient to enjoy your drink wherever you are. 

Features: The bottle holds enough capacity for all-day-long refreshments. The sweat-proof stainless steel exteriors help you dump the bottle in your handbag or backpack without any spill or leakage worries. The lightweight body makes it all the more portable and handy.

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 22 cm
Usage: Dishwasher safe
Capacity: 350 ml

Rs. 1,045/-

Rs. 2,090/-

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Material Stainless Steel
Product Code FFM 350 SBK
Brand Thermos
Weight 304 g
  • 1. Under kitchen knives, ceramic knives should be cleaned with running water and air-dried while stainless steel blades should be washed with normal dish soap and cleaned with a cotton rag thereafter.
  • 2. Do not use harsh dish soaps or steel brushes for cleaning as it will cause scratches on kitchenware.
  • 3. Carefully read the manual with every product to maintain, care for, and handle it appropriately.