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Limited Edition - Riedel | Amadeo - Sunshine Decanter | 1.5 Litres | Crystal | Yellow Highlight | 1 pc

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LIMITED EDITION | Diwali Special Launch! 

With only 500 of these ever created for sale worldwide, these exclusive, unique, and signature pieces have been launched to complement Riedel's popular Amadeo collection! 

Bid now to own these super exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and limited-edition decanter. There is currently just 1 piece on sale in India and it's here! 

The classic Amadeo decanter shape from Riedel has been a timeless icon since it first emerged in 2006.

About the Sunshine Decanter: 

Like so many classic pieces, the Amadeo collection has continually evolved - with limited editions and re-interpretations - but the signature shape of a lyre remains untouched. Maximilian Riedel declared the design as truly timeless at its launch, just like the music of Mozart - who shares the same birth year as Riedel (1756). The glassblowers at the Kufstein Glassworks are true masters - they attempt and succeed with challenging designs that feature three or more coloured stripes, just like the Sunshine Decanter.

This 2023 collection from RIEDEL AMADEO is completed with the perfect pair of decanters for any occasion--SUNSHINE and MOONLIGHT! Feel the warmth of the sun with a play of pink, or admire the uniqueness of a full moon night illuminated with a cool, blue shade. Each decanter is crafted with gorgeous curves to make every sip special.

Celebrating the joys of life, this Limited Edition Riedel Amadeo Sunshine Decanter is a tribute to the classic hit, "Blame It On The Boogie" by The Jacksons' favourite of Eva Riedel. With its extraordinary spectrum of colours expertly crafted by dedicated masters of their art at the Kufstein Glassworks, it's easy to recognize why Maximilian J. Riedel is filled with pride!

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