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HGH 2022 Highlight: Brands that stole the show

HGH 2022

If you missed this year’s HGH (Home Decor, Gifts & Houseware), here’s your opportunity to see what went on at the event. As one of the presenters, we’re bringing the kitchenware and barware brands that stole the show and their most popular products to you on your phone.

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Launching in India this week, Trebonn is an Italian kitchenware brand that has a lot to offer in the kitchenware range. Using innovative and environment-friendly products, Trebonn’s design brings a lively and vibrant feel to the kitchen. Made with bamboo and other natural materials, Trebonn kitchenware is both aesthetic & user-friendly. 

Kitchenware Cutting Board Made of Plastic with Non-Slip Backing, Space-saving and Perfect for Daily Use. Space saving roll-up chopping board.
Roll Expand Board
Price: 1939/-
Cookin' Pods - Cooking baskets set for pasta and steam cooking. Set of 3 versatile cooking baskets.
Trebonn Cooking Pods
Price: 2,273/-
Kitchenware brand Trebonn elegant orange knife with chopping board station with three other knives.
Trebonn Chopping Board Station
Price: 12,254/-


Riedel is the ultimate luxury glassware brand and a wine connoisseur’s go-to choice. With a heritage of being in the glass industry for more than 285 years, the brand has sustained itself through changing trends and retained its fine quality. With new innovations every day, Riedel offers a wide range of crystal decanters and drink-specific glassware – guaranteed to bring in the ultimate drinking experience with enhanced aromas and flavours.

Riedel's Highball glass made out of fine crystal is best used for enjoying mixed cocktails.
Riedel Highball Glass
Price: 4610/-

New addition to Riedel, Wine Wings is a charming glass for family occasions and get togethers.
Riedel Wine Wings Cabernet
Price: 4620/-

Riedel Decanter Tyrol mixes up wine with oxygen smoothly to bring out the texture and taste of the wine & will go best with kitchenware.
Riedel Decanter Tyrol
Price: 55,500/-


If you’re a beer lover, then Spiegelau is for you. Spiegelau beer glasses are designed to bring out your beer’s best – be it Pilsner, Ale, Witbier, or anything else.
Besides, beer glasses, Spiegelau also has a wide range of whisky and spirit glassware. It’s a beautiful design and crystal clarity is sure to wow you and your guests. 

The SPIEGELAU KITCHENWARE MILANO series creates Italian flair and Mediterranean ambiance on every table.
Spiegelau Ice Cream Bowl Set
Price: 1850/-

The water glass complements the wine glasses of the Style series by a fine water tumbler, in which mineral water can be served attractively.
Spiegelau Whisky Long Set of 6
Price: 3250/-

The Wheat Beer glass is ideal for traditional Hefeweizen or Wheat Beer, which needs more room to breathe.
Spiegelau Beer Classic Hefeweizen
Price: 3800/-


This one is an old but goodie! Dealing in the glass range, Pasabahce is one of the most popular brands on AltVibes. Beautifully crafted products that are best used for beverages and desserts. A must-check-out brand. 

Pasabahce Home Made Jar comes with  a pipe and a lid and best used for mocktails and goes well with your kitchenware set.
Pasabahce Home Made Jar
Price: 285/-

Pasabahce Tumbler is  a beautiful glassware and best used for serving cocktails
Pasabahce Elysia Tumbler
Price: 1548/-

These Pasabahce Whisky glasses are beautiful looking with their fabulous design, made with good quality Glass Material.
Pasabahce Timeless Whisky Glass
Price: 1340/-


Innovative and reliable, Nachtmann is all about the good stuff. This brand creates intriguing designs & textures with high-quality crystal glass –  and the end products are perfect for family gatherings and get-togethers.

Nachtmann’s exquisite candle votives to spread happy and soothing vibes around your living spaces.
Nachtmann Votive Red
Price: 890 /-
Nachtmann Whisky Tumbler Set of 6
Price: 3190/-

Here are the crystal Curry Bowls from Nachtmann’s Bossa Nova collection that will boost the appetite of your guests. The bowls are ideal for serving veg/non-veg curries, gravy dishes, and more.
Nachtmann Curry Bowl Set
Price: 3290/-


Creating with the principle of simplicity, Nude offers an enormous range of homeware and barware range. Where there are many choices in the world, the Nude stands out by being the different and simple one. The elegant design promises you the “Less is more” concept by giving you the best form of products.

Enjoy a neat drink in style in the minimalistic and trendy Highland Whisky Tumblers handmade by skilled artisans.
Nude Highland Whisky Tumbler
Price: 4589/-

Each piece features a variety of reflections created by bold vertical scoring, equivalent to crisp pleats in a dress shirt to be presented with your kitchenware set.
Nude Tumbler
Price: 5487/-

Formed from lead-free crystal glass into a sensual, curvaceous silhouette, this Oxygen wine decanter is crowned with a circular cork stopper, which offers warmth and contrast in its modern mix of materials. Great as a house-warming gift and kitchenware belongings as well!
Nude Wine Decanter
Price: 8180/-

Create your own homeware collection with AltVibes at discounted rates. Let us know what your favorites are down in the comments section!

This is not all, and it’ll never be. We’ll always have something just for you. For more, dive into and enjoy the experience.

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