4 Different Types of Peelers Every Kitchen Must Have
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4 Different Types of Peelers Every Kitchen Must Have

best types of peelers

If knives are the heart of every kitchen, peelers are its heartbeat. Though underrated, a peeler’s worth is realized just when you think of adding veggies and salads to your diet. But what about the tricky shreds like the ginger skin or lemon zest? Here’s what you need—a set of four basic types of peelers to shave off everything from cucumber to peaches and ginger to oranges.

AltVibes introduces you to some best-reviewed peelers that simplify your cooking with innovative and functional designs.

4 Top-Rated Types of Peelers to Use in 2021

1) Straight Peelers for Veggies

A straight blade peeler is the most basic food prep tool found in almost every kitchen. An easy-to-use peeler with sharp and thin blades, the tool is perfect for peeling vegetable skins from carrots to cucumbers, bottle gourd, and more.

With an ergonomic design, the straight peeler by Joseph Joseph promises a firm grip while peeling vegetable skin smoothly. The potato-eye remover on the corner of the peeler makes this tool the best peeler for potatoes.

  • How to remove potato eyes?

⇒ Simple dig the potato-eye-removing corner of the straight peeler around the potato eye. Scoop the eye gently by pulling it upwards and voila!

2) Julienne Peelers for Cutting Vegetable Strips

The second most beloved type of peeler among chefs is the julienne peeler that is used to cut fine strips out of vegetables. The zig-zag peeler blade shaves off thin, long veggie strips—perfect for pasta, rolls, salads, and even garnishing.

The stainless steel julienne blades remain rust-free and transfer no toxins to the veggies. So, your next Chinese or Italian cuisines ought to have some swirling veggies freshly shredded with this best julienne peeler.

  • How to use a julienne peeler?

⇒ As simple to use as a straight peeler, the julienne peeler by Joseph Joseph also comes with a grip-friendly design. Place the julienne right over your vegetable and shave it inwards with a gentle force and you will have fine veggie strips in no time. The wide gap between the blade and body makes it a safe and easy-to-clean tool.

3) Y-shaped Peeler for Scraping Ginger Skin

As a beginner, do you struggle to scrape a ginger’s skin? Enter the chef squad, where you will find perfect tools for everything painful in the kitchen.

Although Y-shaped peelers are a common design, the side blade attached to this JJ tool makes it a multi-purpose peeler. The angled blade is a handy peeler to scrape ginger skin while the corner ring works as an ideal potato-eye remover.

While the straight blade can peel vegetables effortlessly, the tough blade scrapes the hard ginger skin easily.

  • How to peel ginger skin?

⇒ The Y-shaped peeler by JJ comes with a tough scraping blade on the side to peel off ginger skin. Simply rub the blade outward or inward over the ginger’s skin and shred the skin within no time.

Pro tip: Don’t discard the scraped ginger skin—instead pop them into the boiling tea water to add the goodness of ginger to your cup.

4) Serrated Peelers for Oranges, Lemons & More

That orange-flavored cake is too good to resist, isn’t it? If you wish to bake one, you ought to own a serrated peeler! Not only cakes, but a serrated peeler with a zesting blade can get your hands on pro-like cocktails like Cardenal Old Fashioned or a Pimms Cup.

Wondering what’s the difference between a vegetable peeler and a serrated peeler?

Serrated peelers are ideal to peel the skin of softer veggies and fruits like tomatoes, mud apples, peaches, among others. The serrated peeler’s blades ensure that you do not dig out too much of the fruit’s pulp while peeling.

This multi-purpose serrated peeler by JJ is an innovative orange zest peeler while the serrated blade serves as the best fruit peeler. The convenient handle allows a safe grip while using the peeler either inward or outward.

No chef is born by using bad knives. And the same is true for peelers!
For you to enjoy a supreme cutting and peeling experience, AltVibes brings your a premium range of knives and peelers.

Happy cooking!

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