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Winewings Pinot Noir Glass


The Pinot Noir glass is perfect for light-bodied red wines with high acidity and moderate tannin.

This Glass highlights the rich fruit-forward characters, tempers the high acidity of the Wine, and captures all the nuances of the Wine aroma.

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Material Crystal
Product Code 1234/07
Brand Riedel
Weight 454 g
  • 1. Before the first use, gently wash new glassware products with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • 2. Try air drying glasses as excessive rubbing of cloth can spread grease and dirt, leaving unwanted odor or toxic.
  • 3. For storage, ensure that the rims of different products are not coming into contact. You can use jacks or collection baskets for back of house storage.
  • 4. Never use barware products in the oven, microwave, or freezer, unless specified.
  • 5. Do not stack glasses unless they are specifically designed to do so.