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Decanter 0.75 ltr


Classic in style and ultra-functional, this nachtmann Vivendi decanter marries well with the Vivendi stemware, creating a beautiful wine serving set. Decanting your favorite Vino in this vessel exposes the wine to more surface area and oxygen, allowing the bouquet to fully develop to maximum potential for your ultimate enjoyment, while creating a visually stunning appeal, pour after pour.

Rs. 6,190/-

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Material Glass
Product Code 59518
Brand Nachtmann
Weight 500 g
  • 1. Before the first use, gently wash new glassware products with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • 2. Try air drying glasses as excessive rubbing of cloth can spread grease and dirt, leaving unwanted odor or toxic.
  • 3. For storage, ensure that the rims of different products are not coming into contact. You can use jacks or collection baskets for back of house storage.
  • 4. Never use barware products in the oven, microwave, or freezer, unless specified.
  • 5. Do not stack glasses unless they are specifically designed to do so.